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We are group of parents, educators and visionaries who are passionate about creating New Earth and MotherWorld education - one which follows the wheel of the year and honours Mother Earth in all of her seasons and cycles. We believe that the children of today are leaders of the future. We aim to empower and inspire them to express their creativity and shine their light in this world!

We offer a unique holistic, child-led learning environment where nature connection and play is a core part of our vision. Central to our philosophy is the importance of mindfulness and each day we share simple, fun, child friendly practices in the form of games, songs, movement and ceremony. 

We run two projects:

4 - 8 year olds - Thursdays and Fridays

7 - 10 year olds - Wednesdays: 

Who are we?

Our Project

This video was made for a Crowdfunder that we did in the summer. This gives you an idea of the energy of the project and some of things we get up too.

What are we doing?

Our curriculum takes inspiration from the wheel of the year and we offer the children opportunities to engage with seasonal cycles through art, story, ceremony and celebration. At Roots and Wings, we offer a rich and inspiring structure within which the children can explore their own interests and talents.  We work with absolute respect for the child and their needs, giving plenty of space for them to grow as independent learners. 

Mindfulness practices - Every day we will spend time looking inside ourselves and experiencing what is there. We will connect to our sense of calm, our bodies and our different emotions. We will explore our connection with each other and all things. We will dance, sing, sit quietly, sit noisily, breathe, stretch and play.

Nature is our classroom - We will spend time outside in our beautiful garden. We will learn about the elements and we will go on nature adventures in the local area.

Circle time - We will come together in respect and compassion as equal members of a sacred community, using simple ritual as a container to hold us in all that we are. We will share and reflect on our experiences, our successes, our feelings and our intentions, through song, movement, theatre games and shamanic practices. We will enjoy our connection with ourselves, each other and all that is.

The spirit of play - Together we will explore life with a sense of joyful adventure and curiosity. Using our whole bodies we will discover the magic of language and numbers, the wonders of the natural world and our beautiful bodies. We will play games that inspire, challenge and help us grow as individuals and as a community of learners.

Practical life skills - We will share and learn practical life skills such as gardening, cooking, sewing, up-cycling and making useful things to help us with our learning and domestic activities.  We will take responsibility for our space and our resources, care for our plants and each other.  

Art and Performance - Music, theatre, visual art and craft. We will explore our imagination and the many ways we can express who we are. We will learn about and from other cultures. We will celebrate all the unique individual expressions and we will create meaningful connections between them. 

Following the Wheel of the Year - The Earth and her plants and creatures will be our teachers and sources of wisdom and inspiration. Following the lead of our ancestors we will work with the seasons, celebrating different festivals and staying in tune with what she has to teach us.


Story time - We will sit in our cosy story time space or outside in nature. Defying the rules of time and space we will journey with wise friends within folk tales and myth. We will sing songs and share our reflections - bringing story alive through our unique experience of it.

Personalised learning - By allowing time and space for fluidity within our daily routine and through small class size we will foster a learning process that has an organic, self governing aspect to it, that honours the needs of the child and their own pace and style of learning.  Our group size is a maximum of 12 children and we have two educators and one volunteer assistant.

Literacy and numeracy - Our children will have the opportunity to engage in fun activities with numeracy and literacy incorporated. Children will always have access to mark making materials for drawing and writing, a selection of books and a quiet area dedicated to reading and sharing stories.  We will encourage each child to engage with their personal reading time and our group story time in a way that builds their vocabulary, word recognition and comprehension. Number skills will be part of our role playing, games and when we cook together.

"The Roots and Wings philosophy chimes perfectly with our own home education style. The focus on nature, mindfulness and creativity provides my six-year-old with such joyful days, encouraged to ask questions, think deeply and show kindness to herself and others. Roots and Wings has been her first experience of not having me or her dad present and it has been a comfort to her, and me, that she has worked through that significant milestone in such a safe, loving and respectful environment. She has settled in so happily knowing she can speak honestly about how she is feeling and call upon me if ever needed, and has made a great group of new friends. We feel so blessed to have this provision available to us and I'm excited to see how my daughter further flourishes within this space." (JJ - parent)

Practical Information

We are based in  Glastonbury

The timings are 9.15am-3pm.

Thursdays and Fridays - Younger Group £30 

Wednesdays - Older Group £35


 2024 Term Dates

Imbolc Term:

Week commencing 8 January - 9 February - 5 weeks

(Half Term - one week)


Spring Equinox Term:

Week commencing 19 February - 28 March - 6 weeks

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